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Belgorod National Research University, Belgorod

Reforms introduced in Russia around the 1860s affected the economic side of the nation in a major way and this in turn had an effect on the educational sector too as research and development had to be improved. Thus, many institutions were established in the years to come. The Ministry of Public Education ordered the founding of the Teacher’s Training Institute in Belgorod in 1876. In the following years, the institute was reorganized many times to perform other educational functions.

It stopped working altogether during the 2nd World War and finally, after a number of changes, it was in the year 1996 that the institute was given the status of Belgorod State University. The institute was added to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities as the State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Belgorod State University. It was the only educational institution in the Belgorod region to be granted the status of National Research University in 2010.

The Institute of Medicine at the Belgorod National Research University has the following colleges operating under it:

Faculty of Medical Affairs and Paediatrics
Dental Faculty
Faculty of Pharmacy
Medical College
The Faculty of Medical Affairs and Paediatrics offers courses on General Medicine, Paediatrics and Nursing. The first two courses are provided through a span of 6 years and the course on Nursing is 4 years in duration. Those who complete the course on General Medicine and Paediatrics get the qualification of physician while those who pursue a course on Nursing are qualified as Managers.

The technical support provided to each student through the following facilities enable each student to gain an in-depth, practical knowledge in their subject:

Anatomical hall.
Laboratory of molecular human genetics.
Morphological laboratory.
Laboratory of clinical biochemistry.
Laboratory frontier like and chronophotography.
Laboratory of immunohistochemistry
A research laboratory was started by the faculty for the students along with facilities for learning about preventative regenerative medicine.

Some of the leading medical institutions of the region which offer their clinical facilities to the university are:

Belgorod regional clinical hospital of Saint Joasaph
City Clinical Hospital
Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital
Regional Clinical Psychiatric Hospital
Regional Prenatal Centre
Regional Skin and Venereal Dispensary
Regional TB Dispensary
Urban Polyclinics
Children’s Regional Hospital
City Children’s Hospital
Dental Clinic
Fourth Children’s Clinic
Diagnostic and treatment centres where students get trained in the clinical disciplines of medicine are:

Centre of Coloproctology
Centre of Surgery of the Liver and Pancreas
Nephrology Centre
The university campus includes 5 dormitories which have a capacity to give shelter to around 3000 students. Rooms are arranged to provide double or triple occupancy. There is a gymnasium and a table tennis room which allow the students to indulge in some sports to maintain good health. The university also has a dance floor where students can practice for some functions or organise parties. The annual fee for studying MBBS at the Belogord National Research University is around 2855 USD.

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