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Geomedi Medical University

Dr. Mrs. Marina Pirtskhalava started the Geomedi Medical University in the year 1998. It is currently accredited by the National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement (known as Georgian National Educational Accreditation Centre earlier). The university provides high quality teaching to its students and trains them in theoretical and practical aspects of their subjects to prepare them well for their future careers. The primary aim of the mode of teaching followed at the university is to empower students with the tools and skill needed for taking up professional work in the field of medicine. Some of them are also able to find employment in the university clinics and departments.

The university has accreditation from the WHO (World Health Organization), World Federation of Medical Education (WFME), Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER). It follows the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) for all assessments of students.

The Geomedi Medical University currently has the following faculties functioning under it and here are the degrees they offer:

The Faculty of Dentistry – Doctor of Dentistry
The Faculty of Health Care Economics and Management – Bachelor of Health Care Management, Master of Health Care Management
The Faculty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Bachelor of Health Care in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Master of Health Care in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
The Faculty of Medicine – Doctor of Medicine or Medical Doctor (M.D.)
Georgian Language Preparatory Educational Program – Certificate course which aims to teach international students about the Georgian language making their stay in the country more comfortable by facilitating better communication.
Students living in Georgia are required to clear the Unified National Examination which is a rule dictated by the Georgian Legislation. International students who have been living abroad for the two or three years preceding application need to get in touch with the respective departments of the university. They will then have to send an application online through the university website. The following documents need to be furnished for admission to the Geomedi Medical University:

For Bachelors Degree Programs – High school leaving certificate with its official transcript, order of enrolment (Original or official copy, duly notarized). Applicants who are getting a transfer from another higher education institution need to furnish their high school leaving certificate along with its official transcript, order of enrolment (Original or official copy, with an apostle’s certification).

For Master Degree Programs – Bachelors certificate (Diploma) and official transcripts (Original or official copy, duly notarized).

The following documents have to be translated to Georgian and be duly notarized for admission to the university:

Photocopy of Birth certificate
Photocopy of the passport
A certificate to prove that the applicant has been living abroad for the past two years
Written request, addressing the University and the Ministry of Education
4 photographs of the applicant (Size 3×4 cm)
Health Insurance
Documents to stand proof of fees transfer to the University

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