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Manila Central University

In 1903, a small group of educators organized a private review class for students appearing for the pharmacy board examinations at Liceo de Manila. The success of this session led to a surge in interest for such classes among students and many more wanted to join. Enrolment increased rapidly and Escuela de Farmacia, the founder had to then ask his graduates to come and train the new students. The Manila College of Pharmacy was started in the year 1915. The College of Dentistry was started in 1929 and the school was renamed as the Manila College of Pharmacy and Dentistry. It remained closed during the war till 1941 but restarted in 1945 gathering more courage and savings to reconstruct some portions of the damaged buildings.

The following colleges of the medical category function under the Manila Central University at present. The courses they offer have also been mentioned:

College of Pharmacy – Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
College of Dentistry – Doctor of Dental Medicine, Dental Hygiene Course with Clinical Training
College of Medicine – Doctor of Medicine
College of Nursing – Bachelor of Science in Nursing
School of Midwifery – Diploma in Midwifery
College of Optometry – Doctor of Optometry
College of Medical Technology – Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology
College of Physical Therapy – Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy
The Manila Central University has received accreditation from the Commission on Higher Education, Philippines as well as the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA). The MCU College of Nursing was ranked as the 4th Top Performing Nursing School in the Philippines by the Professional Ranking Commission (PRC) in the year 2009 and the College of Optometry was positioned as the country’s Top Performing Optometry School by the same body in the year 2013-14.

The Manila Central University states that its aim is to create well trained and educated professionals who all entire skills essential to shine through their medical careers. Training here is rendered through a well balanced approach where equal focus is laid on developing practical skills and knowing about the base of the subject. All equipment of the latest kind is used at the University for the training of students. Students are given provision to make the most of computer laboratories, multimedia development centre, internet research centres and the like. The University maintains high quality laboratories and clinics for brushing up the practical skills of its students. Some of these are – the Nursing Skills Laboratory, Dental Clinic, University Clinic, etc.

The location of the Manila Central University not only makes it attractive, especially to international students but is also helpful. They will find everything they need in the vicinity of the college. The health and physical fitness of the students are also paid attention to by the authorities and hence they leave no room for complaint when it comes to maintaining spaces like the tennis court, gymnasium and swimming pools. Students also get scopes to attend important seminars and audio visual shows at the auditoriums.

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