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MBBS in Philippines

About Doctor Education Academy
Doctor Education Academy offer overseas educational consulting services for students who are interested to study medicine in the Philippines. Doctor Education Academy was founded on 2006 and has fulfilled dreams of more than 1000 students. With our well qualified and experienced group of Professionals, we ease of the complexity in getting admission for students and their parents to ensure that their vision are aligned with the purpose of education they look for.

Doctor education academy
As experts in medical counselling for Philippines education, our professional counselling team ensures that you get absolute clarity in all aspects and have great study experience. We have partnered with various universities in Philippines which offer exciting courses and excellent facilities and faculties with reasonable fees.

Our counsellors can guide students and parents through the entire process of arranging studies abroad from selecting a course and ensure that you arrive safely at your chosen destination. Our organization has a single-minded focus, to guide students to the best possible Institutions, thus enabling them to build their future.

Our team of highly experienced counselors actively engage with students to access and adapt to an ever-changing environment through understanding of culture, analysis of data, thoughtful planning, adherence to laws of the country,etc.MBBS In Philippines for Indian Students in Low Tuition Fees, No Donation For MBBS in Philippines, MCI/WHO Approved Medical Colleges. No IELTS / TOEFL Required, Limited Seats, Apply Now!!!

Philippines is also known as Republic of Philippines is an archipelagic island of Southeast Asia located in the Pacific Ocean. It is known for its rich biodiversity and abundance in natural resources. It is considered to be twelfth populated country in the world. The literacy rate of the country is approximately 93%. The country is home to people from different ethnicity and cultural background. Manila is the capital of the country and Quezon City is the most populous city.


The country has been a Spanish and American colony in the past. In 1934, the country obtained its Commonwealth status. In October 1945, it became a founding member of United Nations. Post World War II, through the Treaty of Manila, the country was recognized as an independent nation. At present, it follows democratic system, where the constitutional head is the President.


The country consists of 7,107 islands and is located on the western coast of Pacific Ring of fire. Its coastline is considered as the fifth largest coastline in the world. This island is bordered by Philippine Sea, South China Sea and Celebes Sea. Most of the mountains are volcanic in nature. Owing to its volcanic activity, it has a rich deposit of minerals and is the second largest producer of geothermal energy.

Why Philippines

High quality education, safe and conducive environment and affordable fee structure and other associated expenses are one of the primary reasons for international students to opt for higher education in the country. Apart from these, with a degree of the educational institutes in this country, you can explore job opportunities in different countries in the world. Medium of instruction for these courses is only English. Academic calendar begins in June and extends till March. A year comprises of two semesters, one from June to October and the other from November to March.

MBBS Courses in Philippines are better than those in Ukraine, Russia or China

Studying medicine abroad is a fascinating idea, especially among Indian students. Due to rich teacher faculty and higher level of intense practice sessions, MBBS courses in Philippines are getting significant popularity among aspiring medical students. However, if you start checking out different sites, you will come to know more about such similar courses in Russia, China and even Ukraine. Then what makes Philippines the best choice among others? Well, you can jot down the significant points, like checking out the infrastructure of the universities, higher study content and friendly staff of the educational centers that gives Philippines an edge over choosing other countries.

Language is not a barrier

Among so many positive points, the best one is that medical colleges, located in Philippines solely follow English language as their medium of instruction. Being a US colony, English is the main and official language of Philippines. Thus, you do not need to learn any additional language while planning to study MBBS in Philippines. Therefore, you can dedicate your entire time towards study and not towards learning a new foreign language. According to the latest statistics, 94% students on a global platform prefer English as their medium of communication, making Philippines the best choice ever. However, for other areas like in Ukraine and China, you are bound to learn their regional language to grasp the MBBS course curriculum.

Superior quality of the educational system

In Philippines, the teachers are not only fluent in English, but they are US educated. Thus, they can guide you better on the overseas careers prospects. Moreover, you can also avail premium quality education services, when compared with other non-English areas. Therefore, you have the liberty to gear up for different licensing exams and also USMLE. In Philippines, you will come across largest supplier of the doctors and trained nurses to the USA and various other countries. The universities are listed under the category of California Board of Medicine, for the licensing category.

Lower fees and also clinical rotation

The fee related with MBBS structure in Philippines is nearly $3700 on an annual rate, which makes it an affordable option for the aspiring students. On the other hand, the MBBS fees in other parts of the world like in Russia, and China will be within the range of $3900 to $5000, which is way more expensive than usual. The clinical rotations are going to be counted, based on the gradation system. Thus, exposures related with US hospitals can help you to bag several jobs in the USA platform, after going through USMLE.

Dealing with success rate

As per the latest calculations, it has been found out that students passing out from Philippines are known to have 100% success rate, in the region under USMLE. The students are known for passing the USMLE with flying colors. This is a full proof option, while dealing with a high standard rate of the Medical education in Philippines. The other medical colleges in Russia, Ukraine and China, are not placed under the 100% category rate. Thus, from the above-mentioned points, it can be stated that there is a plethora of advantages, associated with MBBS studies in Philippines, when compared with other colleges and Universities in Ukraine, China or Russia.

MBBS in Philippines

Doctor of Medicine is awarded to students after completing four years degree program. This is equivalent to that of MBBS degree. In the first year, the basics of medical sciences are taught. From the second year onwards to third year, these courses focus on specialized areas. Fourth year includes clinical rotation in different departments. This degree deals with medical theories, technologies, practices and different approaches for problem-solving. Post this, it is necessary to take up a licensure examination in the country itself. For this, students have to go through one year internship program. Degree awarded by different universities is recognized by World Health Organization. Even the Medical Council of India recognizes the degree awarded by these institutes and permits the aspirants for the screening test in India.

AMA College of Medicine
AMA Medical School Foundation also referred as AMA was established to fulfill the dearth of doctors in the communities situated around the institute. The medical college is situated in the middle of metro manila. This institute is the first of its kind as it is dedicated to catering to high-quality training and education to the students. There are almost 125 faculty members who are experts in different fields of medicine. The institute is strategically situated and a situation of political stability and peace reigns in the region. Even the climatic condition of the city is conducive for the international students. There are fixed seats that are reserved for the international students.

Activities of the university

This institute has different units like College of Medicine, College of Nursing, College of Dentistry, Hospital, IPHC and IGSR. The medical school equips students with skill, knowledge and various other potentials that are combined with the advanced technology used in this field. The curriculum of the course aims at imparting highest form of education to the students. The institute is involved in both social and clinical research. This medical college is also engaged in various forms of outreach programs that are part of the community service.

Aim of this course

Courses in this college are offered in English medium as the national language of the country is English only. In fact, the country is known to be the third largest country in the world that speaks English. This course is also referred to as the gateway to the US and other countries as the degree is accredited and affiliated by the medical councils of the country. Duration of this course is of four years and this is followed by clinical internship of one year in the hospital of the university. There is a hundred bedded hospital attached to this medical school. After completion of the course, students will be conferred with the degrees of Doctor of Medicine.

Steps of enrollment

Students have to appear for NMAT test to seek admission to this course in this medical school. You have to complete your secondary and senior secondary examination from a recognized board to apply for the course. Various documents need to be submitted to the University for seeking admission to this course. The mark sheet of secondary and senior secondary examination, the tourist visa that can be converted to student visa also needs to be submitted. You have to seek character certificate from the local police and no-objection certification from parents and submit the same. Notarize and get these documents attested by the Embassy officials at your native country and then submit the same.

Regulations for scholarship

You can opt for a scholarship to cover the expenses of your course. There are few regulations that you need to follow for the same. The application of scholarship is reviewed on an early basis. The fee of the course is low and within an affordable range. There are hostels in the campus for accommodating the students. The canteen in the campus offers different types of foods to the students. After completion of the course, finding a job is easy as the degree is recognized by the medical councils across the world.

Our Lady Of Fatima University
Our Lady of Fatima University also known as Fatima Medical Science Foundation was established in the year 1979 and has three campuses in Quezon City, Valenzuela City and Antipolo. This is a private university in the country and it derived its name from the shrine of Our Lady of Fatima. This institute is distinguished for the quality of education that it caters to and also its ability to adapt to the technological advancement in this field. The university commits to nurture the students and transform them to world class practitioners. It strives to provide conducive environment to the students that facilitate them to master the theory part as well as practicals also that can help them to have a successful career ahead.

Tie-up with different hospitals

This is among the first few private medical schools in the country that has tie-ups with three reputed medical schools in US for the clerkship program. Every year, almost hundred students from this institute participate in the internship program in a hospital in the US and also other Asian countries. This also helps them in creating lucrative opportunities for a good career. The institute is equipped with the facilities that can aid the students in their learning process. The medical laboratory is equipped with machineries that conform to the standards by the Board of Medical Education. There are also research laboratories and hospitals for practical implication of their knowledge.

A good balance in the curriculum

Curriculum of the course emphasizes on outcome-based programs. A balance is struck between the clinical and lecture hours so that students can have an insight of the subject. The institute is accredited by the government of the country and also by the Board of Education of different countries. It is listed by WHO and after completion of the course, they can opt for a license from the different medical councils. The medium of instruction is English and this is a major reason for attracting international students. After completion of the internship, students can appear for Physician Licensure Examinations. The rate of success in this examination by the students of the institute is remarkable.

Documents related to admission

For enrolling to this course, you need not have to appear for any entrance examination. Indian students have to complete their senior secondary examination to apply to this course. For seeking admission to this premiere institute, students need to submit mark sheet of secondary and senior secondary examination. Also submit the tourist visa that can be converted to student visa. You need to get the clearance and character certificate from local police and no-objection certification from your parents and submit the same. It is essential to notarize the document from the local Embassy officials and then submit the same for admission.

Scholarship for education

There are scholarships for the international and the national students and for this they need to appear for an examination. Depending on the merit of the students they get a discount in the form of scholarship. The fee of this university is a reasonable and you need to pay P 20,000-21,000 per semester. Students can work find employment with the reputed hospitals around the world as the course is accredited by the medical councils of different countries.

University of Perpetual Help
University of Perpetual Help System was established in the year 1975 and is located in Las Pinas City in Metro Manila. The institute was conferred the status of university by CHED in the year 1997. The School of Medicine was initiated in the year 1996. The institute offers Doctor of Medicine or MD that is equivalent to MBBS degree awarded by the Indian institutes. The university is listed in all the international directories of reputed educational organizations as of WHO and FAIMER-IMED. The degree that is conferred by the university is accepted by the Medical Board of California, Medical Council of India, USMLE and General Medical Council. Thus, on completion of the course, students can easily register with these bodies.

Emphasis in improvement of skills

There are nine campuses of this university. The institute aims at training the physicians to serve utmost care to the patients. The course equips students with the necessary skills, attitude and knowledge that are required to thrive in this field. Students are endowed with the ethics related to their profession. Students can opt for courses in medicine, dentistry, nursing and bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, medical technology, respiratory therapy, pharmacy and physical therapy. Courses in nursing are offered in all the campuses. There are dissection halls, research laboratory for animals and lecture halls that are equipped with modern technologies for imparting lessons in the campus.

Tenure of the course

Duration of the course is of four years that covers the theories, practices and technologies that are used in this field. On completion of this, students have to undertake clinical radiation in the hospital of the university. Students need to appear for the licensure examination and on successful completion of the same they can pursue a job in the country. It is expected that this institute will emerge as a center of excellence. Students have the avenue to nurture their knowledge through research, use of technology and also community partnership.

Rules of enrollment

To enroll to this course, it is important to appear and pass NMAT. For the Indian students, it is important to complete their senior secondary examination and then apply for the course. For seeking admission to the institute, students need to submit a plethora of documents that include the mark sheet of secondary and senior secondary examination. The tourist visa that can be converted to student visa also needs to be submitted. Make sure that you have a clearance certificate obtained from the local police and no-objection certification from parents also needs to be submitted. Documents have to be notarized and attested by the Embassy officials at your native country.

Life in campus

This university has affordable annual fee for the course and students need to pay the same semester wise. Students are provided with accommodation in the campus. There are canteens in the campus that offers food from different corners of the world, for the convenience of the international students. There is a well-stocked library that students can access at any time of the day. The campus is enabled with Wi-Fi, so accessing internet is easy. Since the degree is accepted in approximately 180 countries across the globe, licensing with appropriate authority and seeking a job in the international market will not be a daunting task for these graduates.

Fees Structure

The education system of the country is known for its competitive fee structure. Students need to pay their fees annually at the beginning of the academic year. Only in the first year, they have to pay in different installments. Generally the annual fee ranges in between $ 125000 to $20000. This includes the premedical courses as well as that of the degree course. Apart from this they also have to pay for their food, accommodation and otherdaily expenses.

Admission Process

Prior to pursuing these courses, students need to have a Bachelor’s degree in biology, medical technology, nursing, medical technology, physical therapy and pharmacy. Candidates need to pass National Medical Assessment Test to enroll to these courses. International students have to submit a photocopy of their official transcripts and certificates, mark sheet of their secondary examination and bachelor degree to these universities. You also need to submit a photocopy of your birth certificate.


Universities provide hostel facilities to their students. Some of the hostels are located outside the university campus, but they are maintained by the university. Students are allotted standard sized single, double or triple bedrooms with attached bathrooms. You can also opt for an Air –conditioned rooms. If you want, you will also be permitted to stay at an accommodation of their choice, but that is allowed only after the first semester.


Students need to arrive at the international airport, and representatives of the universities receive international students on arrival. You can avail buses, taxies, motorized tricycles to get around the country.


Combination of Asian, American, Chinese and Hispanic influence along with local ingredients makes a Filipino cuisine different and distinctive. Some of the famous dishes are lechon, adobo, lumpia, sinigang, tapa and pancit. In the canteen of the universities, a great range of cuisine is offered.


Philippines experiencee a tropical climate, and it is mostly humid and hot.Summer, rainy season, and winter are three seasons that you will experience, when being in the country. On an average day, temperature is approximately around 26.6 degree Centigrade.

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